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WordPress has been featuring the Custom Design upgrade for quite some time now, but I never got around to analyzing it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Custom Design upgrade gives access to several key features that appeal to web designers: custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

The problem: who would ever want to pay $30 a year for something they should already been given access to?

CSS is the most important part of a website besides the HTML. Why limit your users? WordPress, despite its “user friendliness” is actually very un-friendly. Developers love to be able to edit their site’s HTML and CSS, yet WordPress hinders them by forcing them to pay stupid fees. WordPress doesn’t actually care much about the users. Here are a few things they don’t allow:

  • Custom HTML
  • Custom CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • iFrame
  • Uploading of audio and video without a paid upgrade
  • Support for non-paying customers

Doesn’t that sound absolutely cheesy? Although it may may seem hopeless, there are ways to circumvent WordPress’s unfair upgrades, regulations, and allowances (or lack thereof).

The answer is the gigya shortcode, which allows flash-based media to be inserted into your WordPress page. Googling this can find instant results.

Custom CSS
All you have to do is use the text widget. Add inline styles to change bits of your site. Don’t waste $30 on Custom Design just so you can change like two things about your blog’s appearance.

Use YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, and other free services to embed video into your posts instead of wasting money on the video or space upgrades.

Well I hope this rant and the following tips have helped! Share your opinion in the comments! 😀

Why Gun Control Is Simply Retarded

One major topic being debated about today is gun control, eg. banning assault rifles. Recent shootings have pushed the issue further onto the hot seat of discussions. However, not only is gun control pointless, but it violates our constitutional rights.

According to the second amendment, citizens have the right to bear arms. If the government takes away or limits our weapons, won’t they be denying us the rights our ancestors fought for us to have?

Fun Fact: Less than 5% of shootings utilize a full automatic weapon. If this is the case, why is the government trying to get rid of assault rifles?

However, these are just a few samples of why gun control is ridiculous. The real reason is waiting here.

There are millions, if not billions of people who hate the U.S.A. Terrorists, Egypt, Palestine, even some of our own people and so-called “allies”. When disaster strikes, they will be ready to attack. The army will be spread thin defending the coasts, and local people will either become heroes or tragic death stories. Our enemies will not be carrying Glock pistols and air rifles, they will be moving in with machine guns and tanks. When that day comes, who is going to be doing the fighting? Us. The militia. We aren’t going to last 30 seconds without some heavy weaponry, so the government better shut up and deal with it, because otherwise we will stand a slim chance against invasion.

Weapons don’t fire on their own, so why does the government want to ban them. Remember: it isn’t the gun you need to be afraid of; it’s the person holding it. Demand progress!

What the U.S. Government Should Be Doing

Today, the streets are full of every kind of gas and diesel running cars. Coupe, convertible, turbo, raised chassis, all wheel drive, heated seats, backup camera, etc. You can get your sports car in neon green with pink flames on the side.

But one thing is missing: electric cars.

That’s right. America, the most technologically advanced nation in the world has fewer than 10,000 electric cars in use. Meanwhile, gas prices are skyrocketing, with the national average around $3.71 per gallon. Are Americans going to keep relying on gasoline until it runs out? I hope not.

Besides accounting for one-third of all pollution in America, 60% of our gasoline is supplied by other countries, as if we don’t import enough already. Fuel efficiency has become the top criteria for car buyers, and companies have been doing their best to maximize efficiency on their cars and trucks.

The problem: it just isn’t good enough.

The only way for us to make an impact is for the goverment to intervene. I suggest putting a national tax on gasoline. Paying three to five cents extra on gas isn’t breaking the bank. And where would the money go to? A special government fund that would give grants to citizens trying to buy a hybrid or an electric car. Today, hybrids and electric cars are still relatively new to the market. Most Americans don’t even consider them an option because of their high price tag. With this new program, the government could easily amass money to help consumers purchase vehicles that run on clean energy.

The tax would help the U.S. by

  • decreasing oil imports
  • decreasing pollution
  • advancing technology

So yes, this seems like a reasonable tax. Because if the government spent time thinking about our problems instead of arguing over them, we could probably be in a much better country today. Demand progress!

Ozone hole?

Well maybe I don’t have the whole story, but as of now, there are some really dumb people out there (media, USA government, environmentalist extremists…)! Did you know that by banning CFCs approximately 40 million deaths will occur or already have!!! CFCs were used by firefighters to extinguish fires. They were used as a refrigerant, and a surgical sterilizer. Not only that but they were the best extinguishers, refrigerants, and surgical sterilizers.

You know our buddy ozone, right? Yeah well he’s getting eaten by ultraviolet light, and there are some thin patches now and people are getting worried. Well unless you live on the South Pole you don’t need to be worried.

1. The only places where CFCs are eating away at the ozone layer are at the North and South Poles, principally the South Pole. The weather conditions at these sites are ideal for CFC-induced destruction of the ozone layer. These weather conditions do not exist elsewhere on the planet, so there is little chance of the problem spreading.

2. The total destruction of the ozone layer by CFCs is, by all best estimates, about 5% at the South Pole. To put this number in perspective, the amount of ozone in the ozone layer fluctuates naturally by about 50%! Thus, the natural ups and downs in the ozone layer are 10 times the amount of destruction that has been caused by CFCs.

3. Not a single illness (or death) can be traced to ozone destruction. The effect is simply too small to affect living organisms.

(Exploring Creation With Chemistry pg. 276   2nd edition)

So, I don’t know what all the fuss is about, in fact, why aren’t people putting up a fuss about the banning of CFCs?

Here are some resources to explore the controversy further:

Eco-Sanity: A Common-Sense Guide to Environmentalism

Ecoscam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse

Betrayal of Science and Reason: How Anti-Environmentalism Rhetoric Threatens Our Future

Earth in the Balance

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