Top Apps For iPhone

With lots of apps on the market, it’s hard to find the ones that really shine. While I’m not an expert on apps, I can tell you which ones are the best of the app store.

Top 5 Free Apps


The Addictinggames app is a lot like the real website. It has a wide variety of over 30 fun games, including, Zombie Burger, You’re Toast, and Knight Age. The gameplay experience is complimented with high score leaderboards, and achievements to unlock.


Picture this: You just stole an idol from a cursed temple. Now the monkey/demons that guard the temple are on your trail. Dodge obstacles, collect coins, and don’t get eaten! Compete with your friends for high scores through Game Center, and earn bragging rights in Temple Run.


Gunapp is an entertaining app that features over 100 weapons you can fire or learn about. Detailed graphics and great sound effects make this a fun app to play around with. New multiplayer additions add to the experience.


Action Movie FX captures big-time video and sound effects in a small package. Easy to use app makes creating epic action scenes a piece of cake. Choose from “Missile Strike” or “Car Smash” FX!

An amazing app by Adobe, Photoshop Express is a powerful photo editing software. With the ability to crop images, change brightness and contrast, and add effects, you can create stunning photos, and share them with friends.

Top 5 Paid Apps


You are being invaded by balloons! Place towers to defend your territory from the “bloons”. This strategy game is fun to play, and features over 22 tracks to play on, achievements to unlock, and “challenges” to accomplish. Plus, earn bronze, silver, and even gold medals as you complete tracks. Oh, and did I mention it has virtually unlimited replay value?


Camera+ is an app that optimizes pictures, and upgrades your iPhone camera to the next level. Create beautiful, high quality pictures with the numerous photo effects this app features. Change lighting, crop images, and add borders to your pictures with Camera+.

In Bolt Creative’s golden app, “Pocket God” you are a deity worshipped by a tribe of followers. Do what you want to with them: burn them, freeze them, feed them to dinosaurs, or help them with food and rainbows. Whatever you do, it will be entertaining to watch!


Battery Boost Magic is an advanced app that uses a three-step charge method to reduce battery drain, and increase battery life. It even revitalizes old, used batteries that can’t hold a charge! Best of all, it works while other apps are running, and gives you tips on reducing your iPhone power usage.


Crush your enemy’s fortress and save your villagers in Siege Hero, a game that combines strategy and physics to overcome enemies. Fight through over 200 challenging levels, earn gold crowns, and unlock more levels as you start the journey to become a siege hero!

These apps are the best I’ve found on the app store. They are highly rated, and are well worth their price. Please tag along for Topic #2! Over and out


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