Why Jailbreak your iPhone?

Hey everybody, welcome to Topic #5. If you’re a fan of Apple devices, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of hearing about jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. I’m going to give you an overview of jailbreaking, and tell you some pretty cool stuff you can do once your idevice is jailbroken.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking your iPhone or other device is a way of removing restrictions that Apple had put on it. Normally, you can only download apps from the app store. There are tons of great apps there, in fact, Topic #1 on my blog tells you what some of those are. However, once you jailbreak your device, you automatically receive an app called Cydia. Cydia lets you download apps from its own app store, allowing you to make custom changes to your device you normally couldn’t. You can’t get these apps through the app store. They may not have supported the internal framework of the Apple devices. Or Apple may not have wanted these apps on the app store anyways. You can’t get Cydia from the Apple app store, either, you can only get it from jailbreaking software such as redsn0w. Now, on to what you can do with a jailbroken device.

Cool stuff you can do after you jailbreak your device!

After you jailbreak your device, you can download tons of cool stuff from the Cydia app store. One of the apps you can get is called MxTube. It is essentially YouTube; you can watch online videos if you have an internet connection. But that’s not the only option. You can also download the videos you like to your device, and watch them whenever you want!

Gameboy Color emulator app

Another thing you can download from the Cydia app store is GBC A.D. +. It is a game emulator, which means it turns your device into a Gameboy. You can download thousands of games to play off of websites, right from the app. You can even use a Wii remote to control them instead of the touch screen! Other modifications you can get from Cydia include a five-app dock, a five row keyboard, custom icons, and special themes you can use instead of the standard theme on you iPhone. You can make it look like your device is running Android OS, or look like a Galaxy tablet, plus countless others. Cydia does practically everything, you can even download Apple app store paid apps for free!

Should you jailbreak your device?

The only con to jailbreaking is that it can terminate the warranty on your device. I don’t really care about the warranty anyways. You may quote me on this if you like, “…it’s not like Apple’s going to replace my iPod if I spill coffee on it“. So if you care about your device’s warranty, don’t jailbreak. But I prefer to stay ahead of the game, and not be limited by what Apple says I can and can’t have. If you share my opinion, game on, there aren’t really any more reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak.

You can get step-by-step instructions on how to jailbreak at http://www.iphonehacks.com.


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