Epic, Addictive Games For Mac And PC

Hey readers, Topic #9 is in the house!! I’m very excited about this topic, as it talks about some of my favorite computer games you can download for free!

Halo Demo

I completely recommend Halo Demo to anyone who likes FPS games. Halo demo is awesome, free, and has EPIC graphics! It is so much fun, I play it with my friends at school! Even though it only has one single player level, it has multiplayer capabilities, so you can play with friends over the internet, or on your LAN network. Some of you are going to say, “Oh, but Halo Reach is soooo much better, it has way more levels, way more weapons, better graphics…” Well you’re wrong!!! Halo Reach costs money while Halo Demo is FREE! And you can play Halo Demo on your computer, instead of having to go buy an XBOX 360 just so you can play Reach. And another thing, you Halo Reach fanatics, you can’t download mods for Halo Reach! So get Halo Demo; it’s AWESOME! Download Halo Demo

Check out these posts from http://www.cakebusters.wordpress.com about Halo Demo:
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Minecraft is another awesome game. In a world made of blocks and 8 bit graphics, your job is to build structures and craft items in the day, and survive during the night. The game controls are easy to learn, and the gameplay experience is perfect for newbies and seasoned gamers alike. It’s extremely addictive in single player mode, and even more so in multiplayer. There are also mods available for Minecraft that really add to the game in different ways. All of my friends love Minecraft, and just about everyone at my school does too! If you’re new to Minecraft, go to YouTube and visit paulsoaresjr’s channel. He has made a bunch of great Minecraft videos and tutorials that anyone who likes MC will enjoy. You can download Minecraft at minecraft.net. Note: The full version of Minecraft isn’t free, but there is a way to download a free version. Google it, and there are videos that show you how.

That’s all for now. I totally recommend both of these games; you should get them. Enjoy!


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