How To Customize Your Computer Beyond Recognition!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I like having a customized computer. I want my computer different from other peoples’ laptops. And if you do too, read this post to find out ways you can customize your desktop, folders, dock, and more!


Icons are one of the ways you can really change the look of your computer. Icons are essentially images replacing the default look of desktop files. You can get icons from all over the internet, but if you want high-quality, just plain awesome icons, go to Iconfactory. They have tons of epic icons you can download for free.

It’s pretty easy to apply icons to your applications or folders. If you’re using a mac, all you have to do is select a file, and click “get info” (Command+I). Then a pop-up window will appear, and a preview image of the selected application or file will be shown in the upper left-hand corner. Take one of the icons you downloaded, and drag and drop it to the thumbnail preview, and if you did it right, the preview will change to that of the icon you just dropped in. On PCs, I’m not really sure how to apply icons (sorry!), but I believe you will have to go into “properties” to change it. Oh, and I probably should  have told you before, there is an application called CandyBar that can change icons at the click of a mouse. CandyBar can change the icons of files, folders, applications, and can even change the look of your dock. So now you’re wondering, “Okay, this is cool stuff. Can I make my own icons?” The answer to that question is, YES! While .jpg and .png files are not supported filetypes for changing icons, there is a filetype, .icns, that is supported. With the free software img2icns, you can convert image files into .icns files; just like that! You can download img2icns here.


Another way you can customize your computer is with wallpaper. Wallpaper is essential if you want your desktop to stand out. For my wallpaper wants and needs, I visit Awesome Wallpapers. They have a huge stash of free, high-quality, widescreen, wallpaper available for download. Epic!

Well, I guess that’s everything. If you have any questions, fill out the “Contact” form. If you like this post, click the “like” button, and if you want to know when all the new posts come out, please subscribe. Thanks for visiting!


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