The New iPad. Yeah, That One…

The new iPad. The one that wasn’t special enough to earn a distinct name. The iPad with a price tag so high you would think it was plated in gold. But hey, it has a high-definition, retina display! Wait, I’ve heard that somewhere before…Didn’t Apple claim that their iPhone 4s and iPod touch 4g already had an HD retina display? So is the new display on the new iPad more high-definition than it is on the other devices? Or is it just a clever marketing scheme to get people to buy a product Apple ran out of ideas for? The commercial says “Welcome to a more beautiful iPad…” Ok, but who gives any crap on how beautiful the screen is (except for Apple, or course). People just want a product what works. So quit making them pay for features they don’t want.

My advice is: if you want an iPad, get the iPad 2. It’s $100 cheaper, with all of the functionality that the new one has except for the HD screen, and a few “I don’t really care” features. Apple can implement as many HD displays as they want, so what. It’s nothing special; next year, it will all be standard anyway.


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