More On The Halo Demo

In previous topics 9 and 11, I talked about the Halo Demo. I suggest you read those topics if you haven’t already. They cover important info on the game, including how to get it, and how to download mods for it. This topic is a continuation of the other two, focusing on the gameplay experience. I’ll be talking about tips and tricks on how to be good at the campaign and multiplayer features.



To beat the campaign, pretty much just do what the game tells you to do. The map isn’t extremely large, and if you follow the instructions, you’ll be OK. The game does have a tendency to freeze up toward the end of the campaign, especially if you have a slow computer. Hopefully this won’t happen to you, but it’s happened to me and my friends, so I’m not guaranteeing anything.

Campaign tips and strategies:

  • If your health is low, stay back and let your shields recharge. Your fellow troops can take care of the covenant forces.
  • Try to avoid using the assault rifle. It seems powerful, but it is actually only effective at close range.
  • Instead, use the pistol. It is more accurate, and deals more damage.
  • When you get a warthog, it’s more effective to run over enemies than to let your gunner shoot them.

That’s pretty much it for the campaign mission. It’s pretty easy, and is fun while it lasts. It doesn’t have much replay value once you get good at it, though.


Multiplayer is usually harder than the campaign, hence the fact that you are playing real human players, rather than AI. Despite the sudden increase in difficulty, multiplayer is much more fun too. There are two main types of multiplayer games: Capture the Flag, and Slayer.

In CTF, players are divided up between two teams: red team and blue team. The goal of each team is to steal the other team’s flag, without allowing their own flag be stolen. The flags of each team are hidden inside their bases. You are only allowed to shoot players on the other team. If you kill someone on your team, it is called betrayal. Get multiple betrayals, and you are banned from the game. Steal the other team’s flag, and bring it back to your base three times, and you win.

The rules for Slayer are much simpler. Kill anyone you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. Whoever has the most kills at the end of the game wins. Treaties are allowed, though when you play slayer, only one person can get in a warthog at a time.

Multiplayer tips and strategies:

  • Although it may be tempting, don’t rely on high-powered weapons like the rocket launcher, fuel rod cannon, and the flamethrower. These don’t require much skill to use, and won’t make you a better player. Instead, other players will call you a noob, and say that you don’t know how to use anything else.
  • Use the pistol as your bread-and-butter weapon. It is decent at close range, awesome at long range, and devastating at medium range. It is arguably the best weapon in the game, and is accurate, fairly easy to use, and is generally effective against everything.
  • When you spawn at the beginning of the game, grab the sniper rifle on top of your base. It will take some getting used to, but its precision aim and accuracy make it one of the best weapons in the game. It will take a maximum of two shots to kill someone with a sniper, and will only take one hit if you get a head shot.
  • The shotgun is also handy to have around as it deals a lot of damage, albeit at close range.
  • Use grenades. Fragmentation grenades pack more punch, but plasma grenades stick to their target. It’s your choice of which you want to use, though different situations call for different grenades.
  • Don’t use banshees. Banshees are extremely overpowered vehicles that have cheap attacks. People who use banshees and nothing else are noobs, and are not usually skilled with anything else. Banshees are hard to take down, though. They are most vulnerable from behind, where their armor is light, and are also vulnerable to rapid-firing weapons, as their shields don’t have time to recharge. The best way to beat shees is to get in the back of a warthog, and get a buddy to drive, while you open fire on the banshee. You are much more maneuverable than they are, and should be able to take them down.
  • In Slayer battles, use the noob combo. It’s the combination of an overcharged plasma pistol with a standard pistol. The plasma burst will knock out their shields, and the pistol bullet will finish them off.
  • In CTF, get some teammates, and hop in a warthog. A fully loaded hog is a force to be reckoned with. It will be easy to drive up to your enemy’s base, grab the flag, and go.
  • Always stay moving. When you’re moving around, your’e a harder target to snipe. If you stay still, you will be easy meat for snipers.
  • Host your own server. There will be almost no lag, so you’ll have an advantage.
  • Most important of all! Use chat to group attacks, or just for smack talk.

List of people not to play with: Banshee noobs, dirty chatters, and anybody who uses the rocket launcher too much.

One more thing, people who try to ban “shees” (pardon the pun) are almost as bad as people who use them. The banshees were put in the game for a reason, and it wasn’t so that they could be banned.

That’s it. Oh, and if you see CaptainXD playing, that’s me. If you see iRuthless or Yo Face, those are some of my friends. Say hi, and tell them you’re a friend of Ian’s. If they ask ‘Ian from school?’, say yes. They’ll be nice to you. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


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  1. Genralman-AKA-Steph-AKA-iRuThLeSs says :

    I don’t know of Yo Face will be all that nice \_(O.o)_/ But yeah. And, Rocket launcher people aren’t really people to stay away from. Because the more you play with them, the better you get at defending yourself from them. Nice post!

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