What is Easter for?

    As Easter passes, your stomach full of chocolate candies, your eyes sore from searching for pastel eggs, one has to wonder what this is all about. What is Easter’s purpose? Is it just a holiday special for pink bunnies? Is it just another way to run up the dentist bill, because your little kids ate too much chocolate and didn’t brush their teeth?…. Well…that is what our materialistic country thinks its supposed to be. But, as with life, there is a deeper reason. Let’s take a step back in time. We’re traveling by NTT (National Time Travel). We’re flying over the Atlantic Ocean, through the Mediterranean Sea. At last at our dusty destination, we land. We are in a crowd of people in Jerusalem, Israel. There he is. Your greatest friend, who is wiser, than all the wisest people in your city. He is teaching a great crowd of people. You take pride in saying you are a close friend of his. Not only is he smart, he seems like he can do nothing wrong. He is kind, friendly, nice to the poor and the sick. He is a role model. Let’s fast forward three years. Your in a garden with him and ten others (also good friends). You and the others are tired, your friend decides to do some praying to God. You doze off.

     You start to dream. A big crowd starts to emerge from the darkness. Lanterns flicker. Roman guards appear. They take your friend. He goes without resistance. They take him away and beat him. Then they take him to a ruler who mocks him. They beat him more. Then they take him to a greater authority. He asks what they want him to do with your friend. The crowd that was there said to kill your friend. So your friend is whipped with a whip that has broken glass pieces entwined in it. Then they take him to a hill. They strip him of his clothes. They lay him on a two poles crossed together (+). They take his wrists and nail them to the poles. Then they take his ankles, cross them, and then nail them together and then to the poles. Your friend is screaming in pain. You can hardly bear the sight. But you look and see them raise the poles up and stand them upright. There your friend hangs, dying. You cry…

     As you cry, you realize your awake. You look up. There is your friend. Hanging. Dead. It was no dream. You weren’t dreaming. This was real. They take him down from the poles and bury him in a tomb. You go and sob with your friends.

    Three days later, two women run into the room you’re crying in with your friends. They are happy. You get angry. You say how could they be happy when your good friend is dead. They say he’s not. They say he’s alive! You say, no I saw him on that cross, those poles. They say he resurrected. You and your friends ponder this.

    Later, you are still thinking. Then all of a sudden….he is there in the room! It is your friend! He shows you his wounds, and eats fish! He’s alive! Your friend came back to life! He’s alive! You rejoice, and tell people!

    40 days later your friend, Jesus, lifted off the ground! He rose up into the air and went into heaven to be with his Father, God.

    That is why we have Easter. Or better, Resurrection day. The day we celebrate God coming to earth as man! Dying to pay for all the bad things we do, and then, better yet, coming to life after 3 days! We celebrate, because Easter is the day we celebrate the day Jesus came alive again! Not a day to celebrate bunnies handing out eggs full of candy.




About Hudson

I live in Indiana. I enjoyed playing soccer all four years of high school. I co-captained and won the MVP award my senior year. I also have created many film projects, the most extensive of which won a film festival award for Best Cinematography during my senior year. It is a 10-minute short film called Café Encounter and can be watched on YouTube. I have been actively involved in my youth group and am a leader for a middle school boys group on Sunday mornings. I was also blessed to go on two mission trips to Belize and Ecuador respectively. Belize really awakened my faith in Christ and pushed me towards active obedience and love for God. Ecuador gave me a life-changing perspective on missionary work and has helped me to view myself as a missionary in my every day life, but especially with the intent of being a missionary to my work industry.

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