$5 Footlongs: The Special Gone Sour

Five dollar footlongs. The deal Subway has promoted and advertised for years. A promising bargain at the beginning, though not so much now. The program started with almost all subway sandwiches on the five dollar menu. The only subs not on the menu were premium, specialty subs. But then Subway decided to take some of their sandwiches, like the Chicken Bacon Ranch, off of the five dollar menu. This process was repeated more than once, until only five subs were left on the five dollar menu. The Meatball Marinara, Cold Cut Combo, Black Forest Ham, Vegetarian, and BLT subs were the remaining menu items available for five bucks. I was still happy with the $5 footlong deal, and would be for a while. The prices stayed the same, except in “Anytober” where all subs were $5.

Subway’s latest move, however, didn’t get positive results from me like the others did. Recently, I checked Subway’s menu. What do you know? There are only three subs on the five dollar menu. Hmm… I wonder what happened to the other two? Oh yeah, they got taken off of the $5 menu too. Well, I’m kind of used to Subway doing that by now. At least the price of the two sandwiches was only raised twenty-five cents. Now you may think that I’m making a big deal about a tiny price change, but really, I’m focusing on the bigger picture. What if Subway decides to take all but one off of the five dollar menu? And what if other restaurants do that with their specials? I personally am a Subway fan, but I am tired having to pay more for something that used to be cheaper. I guess it just depends on what you want. If you want fresh food, go to Subway. If you want cheap, good pizza, go to Little Caesars. And if you want disgusting food, go to McDonalds.


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About CaptainXD

I'm a 17 year old full-time college student, cello player, soda drinker, soccer fanatic.

2 responses to “$5 Footlongs: The Special Gone Sour”

  1. CaptainXD says :

    Umm let’s think… CHEAP AND DISGUSTING
    Just saying 😛

  2. Genralman-AKA-Steph-AKA-iRuThLeSs says :

    Whatchu got against McDonalds D:<

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