CaptainSparklez Does It Again!

Hi everybody! As you may know, I am a fan of the computer game Minecraft. Well, I am a really big fan of Minecraft parodies of popular songs that other fans have made. And my favorite producer of these is CaptainSparklez. He and his team make a ton of awesome parodies that if anything, are better that the original songs.

His latest parody is called “Fallen Kingdom”, a Minecraft parody of Coldplay’s “Vida La Vida”. Some of you might not care about this, but the music video is about a king of a realm who is loved by his people. His kingdom, however, gets brought down when his prisoners are broken out of the castle’s dungeon, and take down the kingdom from the inside. The king loses everything, except his own life. The movie was created with an animation program called Maya.

My take on the music video is only this: it’s AWESOME! The vocals, animation, storyline, lyrics, and everything were all amazing. The only slightly negative comment I have is that it is just the tiniest bit sad. That’s it.

CaptainSparklez’s other parodies are on YouTube too!

TNT – A Minecraft Parody Of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”

Revenge – A Minecraft Parody Of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling In Love”


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I'm a 17 year old full-time college student, cello player, soda drinker, soccer fanatic.

5 responses to “CaptainSparklez Does It Again!”

  1. Yo Face says :


    2:27 leave my muta fuging chair alone “beep”

  2. iano10 says :

    I know. The sadness makes it better, but I still wish it was happy too… I guess you can’t have both.

  3. stepheno12 says :

    Its supposed to be sad…

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