Why It’s A Good Idea To Have A Google Account

While almost everybody has heard of Google, not everybody has an account with them. I personally think this isn’t a good idea, but I’m not here to make you do anything. However, Google owns an ever-increasing number of services. Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google+, AdWords, Feedburner, and of course, their namesake web search service. They even have their own web broswer (which I am currently using) and laptops. While you may not care about Gmail, maybe you want a YouTube account. Or you don’t want either services, but want to log into WikiAnswers. That’s why having a Google account is so nice. You can log into almost every major website with Google. You can do this with Yahoo and Facebook too, but I prefer Google because they have more services. I am always happy to find that I don’t have to make separate accounts for websites, and can just use my Google account. And while using the same username and password for all of your accounts may sound risky, Google has a lot of extra security to make sure your accounts don’t get hacked. You can have security questions that are asked when your account is logged into from a remote location. You can also add your mobile phone number as well. The only other concern that I would have about Google is “Can I get fast, helpful support when I need it?” The answer: yes! When I had problems with Google Images, I started a topic in the help forums, and almost immediately I was helped by a volunteer. Here are a few questions I’ll answer about Google’s and its services:

What is your favorite Google service?

Definitely YouTube. It’s amazingly easy to upload and edit videos. You can even convert them into 3D! Since it’s the largest video uploading site in the world, you’ll almost always find what you are looking for, whether it is a funny home video, or an Allstate commercial.

What service do you wish Google had?

An e-commerce website like eBay or Craigslist where you can buy and sell items online. Or maybe web hosting. That would be helpful.

Is Google the largest presence on the web?
Definitely. When you have the world’s most popular search engine, a wide range of services, and your own web browser, you pretty much have control of the web. Not to mention that Google is worth billions of dollars, having a stock price per share of over $500.

Well, I’ve said enough. If you don’t have one, you should consider getting a Google account. If you do have one, thanks for reading the article (even though I told you stuff you probably already knew). See ya!


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3 responses to “Why It’s A Good Idea To Have A Google Account”

  1. Anonymous says :


  2. iano10 says :

    Yeah, I get what you mean. I am a little biased since I am a Google supporter.

  3. sunblade8 says :

    Well…yes it is nice, but, and this is an important issue, Google has and does support some bad things, I may post an article about these things via YdoUbelieve. However, it is something you need for YouTube. As far as having a safe account, I wouldn’t put it past Google to hack your account, they do sell information about you to people (China for all I know), and that is why we use other search engines.

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