Swagbucks – Search the Web and Win

Okay, so this may sound like an advertisement. It’s not. Swagbucks is an online company that offers different activities to earn “swag bucks”. These swag bucks can be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes. The best way to earn swag bucks is by searching the web. Swag bucks are awarded randomly for searching the web. The search engine they use is completely legit, powered by Google and Ask.com. Another way to earn is by finding swag codes. These are codes that are active for a certain period of time, and give you swag bucks finding and entering them. You can also make friends online, and they can become referrers, meaning for every swag buck they earn, you will earn one too. A few things not to do is watch videos for swag bucks, you’ll just waste your time. And don’t buy stuff to earn swag bucks; it’s counterproductive. But give Swagbucks a try. Earning bucks for just searching the web is awesome.


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About CaptainXD

I'm a 17 year old full-time college student, cello player, soda drinker, soccer fanatic.

2 responses to “Swagbucks – Search the Web and Win”

  1. iano10 says :

    Not that I know of.

  2. Hudson says :

    Are there any strings attached?

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