What the U.S. Government Should Be Doing

Today, the streets are full of every kind of gas and diesel running cars. Coupe, convertible, turbo, raised chassis, all wheel drive, heated seats, backup camera, etc. You can get your sports car in neon green with pink flames on the side.

But one thing is missing: electric cars.

That’s right. America, the most technologically advanced nation in the world has fewer than 10,000 electric cars in use. Meanwhile, gas prices are skyrocketing, with the national average around $3.71 per gallon. Are Americans going to keep relying on gasoline until it runs out? I hope not.

Besides accounting for one-third of all pollution in America, 60% of our gasoline is supplied by other countries, as if we don’t import enough already. Fuel efficiency has become the top criteria for car buyers, and companies have been doing their best to maximize efficiency on their cars and trucks.

The problem: it just isn’t good enough.

The only way for us to make an impact is for the goverment to intervene. I suggest putting a national tax on gasoline. Paying three to five cents extra on gas isn’t breaking the bank. And where would the money go to? A special government fund that would give grants to citizens trying to buy a hybrid or an electric car. Today, hybrids and electric cars are still relatively new to the market. Most Americans don’t even consider them an option because of their high price tag. With this new program, the government could easily amass money to help consumers purchase vehicles that run on clean energy.

The tax would help the U.S. by

  • decreasing oil imports
  • decreasing pollution
  • advancing technology

So yes, this seems like a reasonable tax. Because if the government spent time thinking about our problems instead of arguing over them, we could probably be in a much better country today. Demand progress!


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