Why Gun Control Is Simply Retarded

One major topic being debated about today is gun control, eg. banning assault rifles. Recent shootings have pushed the issue further onto the hot seat of discussions. However, not only is gun control pointless, but it violates our constitutional rights.

According to the second amendment, citizens have the right to bear arms. If the government takes away or limits our weapons, won’t they be denying us the rights our ancestors fought for us to have?

Fun Fact: Less than 5% of shootings utilize a full automatic weapon. If this is the case, why is the government trying to get rid of assault rifles?

However, these are just a few samples of why gun control is ridiculous. The real reason is waiting here.

There are millions, if not billions of people who hate the U.S.A. Terrorists, Egypt, Palestine, even some of our own people and so-called “allies”. When disaster strikes, they will be ready to attack. The army will be spread thin defending the coasts, and local people will either become heroes or tragic death stories. Our enemies will not be carrying Glock pistols and air rifles, they will be moving in with machine guns and tanks. When that day comes, who is going to be doing the fighting? Us. The militia. We aren’t going to last 30 seconds without some heavy weaponry, so the government better shut up and deal with it, because otherwise we will stand a slim chance against invasion.

Weapons don’t fire on their own, so why does the government want to ban them. Remember: it isn’t the gun you need to be afraid of; it’s the person holding it. Demand progress!


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