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WordPress has been featuring the Custom Design upgrade for quite some time now, but I never got around to analyzing it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Custom Design upgrade gives access to several key features that appeal to web designers: custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

The problem: who would ever want to pay $30 a year for something they should already been given access to?

CSS is the most important part of a website besides the HTML. Why limit your users? WordPress, despite its “user friendliness” is actually very un-friendly. Developers love to be able to edit their site’s HTML and CSS, yet WordPress hinders them by forcing them to pay stupid fees. WordPress doesn’t actually care much about the users. Here are a few things they don’t allow:

  • Custom HTML
  • Custom CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • iFrame
  • Uploading of audio and video without a paid upgrade
  • Support for non-paying customers

Doesn’t that sound absolutely cheesy? Although it may may seem hopeless, there are ways to circumvent WordPress’s unfair upgrades, regulations, and allowances (or lack thereof).

The answer is the gigya shortcode, which allows flash-based media to be inserted into your WordPress page. Googling this can find instant results.

Custom CSS
All you have to do is use the text widget. Add inline styles to change bits of your site. Don’t waste $30 on Custom Design just so you can change like two things about your blog’s appearance.

Use YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, and other free services to embed video into your posts instead of wasting money on the video or space upgrades.

Well I hope this rant and the following tips have helped! Share your opinion in the comments! 😀


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