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WordPress Custom Design

WordPress has been featuring the Custom Design upgrade for quite some time now, but I never got around to analyzing it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Custom Design upgrade gives access to several key features that appeal to web designers: custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

The problem: who would ever want to pay $30 a year for something they should already been given access to?

CSS is the most important part of a website besides the HTML. Why limit your users? WordPress, despite its “user friendliness” is actually very un-friendly. Developers love to be able to edit their site’s HTML and CSS, yet WordPress hinders them by forcing them to pay stupid fees. WordPress doesn’t actually care much about the users. Here are a few things they don’t allow:

  • Custom HTML
  • Custom CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • iFrame
  • Uploading of audio and video without a paid upgrade
  • Support for non-paying customers

Doesn’t that sound absolutely cheesy? Although it may may seem hopeless, there are ways to circumvent WordPress’s unfair upgrades, regulations, and allowances (or lack thereof).

The answer is the gigya shortcode, which allows flash-based media to be inserted into your WordPress page. Googling this can find instant results.

Custom CSS
All you have to do is use the text widget. Add inline styles to change bits of your site. Don’t waste $30 on Custom Design just so you can change like two things about your blog’s appearance.

Use YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, and other free services to embed video into your posts instead of wasting money on the video or space upgrades.

Well I hope this rant and the following tips have helped! Share your opinion in the comments! 😀


The SlowTime Player

Introducing the SlowTime player, for people who thought that the QuickTime player was just too fast.

Ha, Ha! Funny Stories

I love funny stories. These ones are really funny stories I’ve been told about or emailed.

Flight Attendant

One day a flight attendant was having a bad day. He was stuck on a plane with a grumpy woman who couldn’t get her luggage into the cabinet above her, so the flight attendant came over to help. She got mad at him and accidentally ( I think ) let go of the suitcase and the latch cut the attendant below the eye. She ignored him when he tried to help again. A few hours later, the plane landed and was on its way to the docking platform when the woman stood up while the seatbelt sign was still on so she could get off the plane first. The attendant asked her to sit down but she ignored him. Now the attendant had been known to be friendly and he had been a flight attendant for thirty years. But today, he completely lost his temper and went to the intercom so everyone could hear and started to call the woman bad names and words. After a minute, he yelled into the intercom and said, “I’ve had enough of this!” And he grabbed a beer, opened the plane door, which set of the emergency slide, and walked off to his car and drove away. The police caught him of course, and now he is in jail. Too bad, don’t you think? I heard this on the news.

From my friend Ben at

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McDonalds: Four Reasons You Should Never Eat There

While inflation goes up, McDonald’s prices stay the same. So what’s to keep people from buying it? I’ll give you a reason. In fact, I’ll give you four.


1. The food is disgusting.
Ever notice how the burger you order isn’t the same one on the menu? Sure, it has the same ingredients in it, but it isn’t the same as the one in the picture. Try asking the guy behind the counter, “I want that one. Yeah, the nice looking one in the picture.” Once they give you the greasy, plainlike burger that is exactly the opposite of what you wanted, you’ll probably wish you had gone to Subway instead. And then you’ll take a bite of the burger, and realize how mediocre it is. The only place in the world where the taste of the hamburger patty matches the taste of the bun. And the cheese. And the pickles. And the ketchup. And whatever else they put on that burger that was predestined to be thrown in the trash.

2. The customer service is terrible.
It’s funny how there seemed to be two types of people who make up the McDonald’s workforce: 6 foot tall, under caffeinated high school students, and 4’6″ stocky women. If you wondered where the middle class was going, now is the time to ask. The most annoying thing is that there only seem to be 3 workers on a single shift, which means you have to wait longer for your food. And then there is an ever-increasing possibility that they will mess up your order. Really, though, the worst thing about McDonalds workers is that they always ask,”Would you like fries with that?”

3. The food isn’t even good for you.

Well, what else is new. I mean, take a look at the menu. Big Mac – 540 Calories. McDouble – 390 calories. Wow, it’s a wonder there’s actually someone out there who isn’t overweight. At least they give you a “PlayPlace” to work off the calories you gained. Oh wait, it’s only for the kids. Well, I guess you’ll be staying home playing Wii Fit instead of going camping with the family.

4. Ronald McDonald is creepy.
If you want credibility for your business, I wouldn’t suggest having a stupid-looking clown in a jumpsuit be your mascot. But the kids love him, and that’s what McDonalds wants. I mean, what kid doesn’t know about the yellow clown with the red afro? Forget about Justin Bieber, Ronald McDonald is a real celebrity! Obama should cut all funding to schools, and let Ronald McDonald teach. He’s already taught them the words “Happy Meal” and “McNuggets”. And hey, everyone would enjoy school sooo much more.

Well, that’s the scoop for today. Comments and likes are welcome and encouraged as always, and feel free to share this post with your friends. Iano10 out.

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