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WordPress Custom Design

WordPress has been featuring the Custom Design upgrade for quite some time now, but I never got around to analyzing it. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Custom Design upgrade gives access to several key features that appeal to web designers: custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

The problem: who would ever want to pay $30 a year for something they should already been given access to?

CSS is the most important part of a website besides the HTML. Why limit your users? WordPress, despite its “user friendliness” is actually very un-friendly. Developers love to be able to edit their site’s HTML and CSS, yet WordPress hinders them by forcing them to pay stupid fees. WordPress doesn’t actually care much about the users. Here are a few things they don’t allow:

  • Custom HTML
  • Custom CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • iFrame
  • Uploading of audio and video without a paid upgrade
  • Support for non-paying customers

Doesn’t that sound absolutely cheesy? Although it may may seem hopeless, there are ways to circumvent WordPress’s unfair upgrades, regulations, and allowances (or lack thereof).

The answer is the gigya shortcode, which allows flash-based media to be inserted into your WordPress page. Googling this can find instant results.

Custom CSS
All you have to do is use the text widget. Add inline styles to change bits of your site. Don’t waste $30 on Custom Design just so you can change like two things about your blog’s appearance.

Use YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud, and other free services to embed video into your posts instead of wasting money on the video or space upgrades.

Well I hope this rant and the following tips have helped! Share your opinion in the comments! 😀


Evolution vs. Creation

Well, I really enjoy this topic, and at this point I’m not trying to support both sides, however, I may publish a post that has supporting evidence for both sides later. Evolution, a idea that has become popular only recently, was popularized by Charles Darwin. In (most) schools it is taught without thought to its possible inaccuracy. However, I would like to remind everyone of this quote from Darwin’s Origin of Species: “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” –Chapter VI, Organs of Extreme Perfection; page 187; Origin of Species.

The flagellum, my friend, is a Biological machine, that, cannot be broken down. If it was, then, it would not be able to function. So when being formed it could not have been formed by numerous, slight modifications. Here are some clips that you can watch to get a better understanding.

Swagbucks – Search the Web and Win

Okay, so this may sound like an advertisement. It’s not. Swagbucks is an online company that offers different activities to earn “swag bucks”. These swag bucks can be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes. The best way to earn swag bucks is by searching the web. Swag bucks are awarded randomly for searching the web. The search engine they use is completely legit, powered by Google and Another way to earn is by finding swag codes. These are codes that are active for a certain period of time, and give you swag bucks finding and entering them. You can also make friends online, and they can become referrers, meaning for every swag buck they earn, you will earn one too. A few things not to do is watch videos for swag bucks, you’ll just waste your time. And don’t buy stuff to earn swag bucks; it’s counterproductive. But give Swagbucks a try. Earning bucks for just searching the web is awesome.

Summer Vacation – For Better Or For Worse

A beautiful, lush jungle.My summer, was, for the most part, boring. Then again, spending half of it watching DirecTV wouldn’t live up to anybody’s standards. When I wasn’t watching tv, I was usually on my iPod (well, at least until the battery died). Then I’d plug it in to charge, and turn the television back on. As far as I was concerned, my schedule was full. Until summer camp came…

My week at camp was enjoyable, with some… “incidents” on the side. Namely, my friend Austin being attacked by a seven-year-old girl, the racoon fight outside the boys dorms, Brianna O. swearing in front of little kids, and her boyfriend, Danny, being hospitalized because he couldn’t breathe. But for the most part, camp was laid back and fairly quiet. My friends and I made regular trips each day to the camp store, and loaded up on soda and candy. Then we would head down to the creek and hang out. My friend Daniel and I liked to explore off-trail areas of camp. While we explored, Daniel found a machete, that featured a wicked, three-foot-long, slightly rusted steel blade. Well, I went away for a little while, and when I came back, I find Daniel chopping down small trees with it! Well, an adult found out, and Daniel got in pretty big trouble. And of course I stood up for him; and consequently, got in trouble too. Still, that didn’t stop me from having fun at camp, and I turned to other things such as water graffiti on the wooden bridge, and terrorizing kids with my water guns. The last day of camp could be summarized into losing the horseshoe tournament, and watching my friend Donovan pull up all of the camp’s tiki torches, and stick them in the creek, which was quite a laugh.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my summer camp experience, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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