Evolution vs. Creation

Well, I really enjoy this topic, and at this point I’m not trying to support both sides, however, I may publish a post that has supporting evidence for both sides later. Evolution, a idea that has become popular only recently, was popularized by Charles Darwin. In (most) schools it is taught without thought to its possible inaccuracy. However, I would like to remind everyone of this quote from Darwin’s Origin of Species: “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” –Chapter VI, Organs of Extreme Perfection; page 187; Origin of Species.

The flagellum, my friend, is a Biological machine, that, cannot be broken down. If it was, then, it would not be able to function. So when being formed it could not have been formed by numerous, slight modifications. Here are some clips that you can watch to get a better understanding.





Codecademy. Catchy. What in the world is it. Well, let me use an analogy to help you get the picture.

Your a teenager. You go to school every day, and learn. But what you really want to learn is computer programming. However, your school doesn’t offer a class on it. So you look on ebay for a book on computer programming. A book on computer programming!! Yeah I know, you’re desperate. So you search. Pop… a book! “This looks good” you think to yourself. You click checkout. You scroll down to click pay, and then you notice the price. $60!!. “Forget it, maybe I’ll be a professional athlete or somethin'”. You decide to check your emails. You’ve got one from your best friend. It reads:

“Hey man,

I found this totally awesome website, that is free and teaches you how to program with Javascript, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS!!!!

I know your into that stuff so I thought I’d let you know.”

You start dancing, jumping, whatever. Your happy because now you have a great way to learn code. And its free. Now were talking.

So you type in: http://www.codecademy.com/#!/exercises/0

And now you’re the master at Java script, Ruby, Python, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

So now were done with the analogy. And for most readers you are already gone ’cause your not a teenage kid who wants to learn coding. But if you are, and your still with me, then I totally suggest clicking the link or just searching codecademy on the web. Take it from someone like me, who’s a teenage kid, who loves coding, and has taken courses on Java, on codecademy.

var codecademy = function(){

console.log(“Codecademy is awesome!!);



Swagbucks – Search the Web and Win

Okay, so this may sound like an advertisement. It’s not. Swagbucks is an online company that offers different activities to earn “swag bucks”. These swag bucks can be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes. The best way to earn swag bucks is by searching the web. Swag bucks are awarded randomly for searching the web. The search engine they use is completely legit, powered by Google and Ask.com. Another way to earn is by finding swag codes. These are codes that are active for a certain period of time, and give you swag bucks finding and entering them. You can also make friends online, and they can become referrers, meaning for every swag buck they earn, you will earn one too. A few things not to do is watch videos for swag bucks, you’ll just waste your time. And don’t buy stuff to earn swag bucks; it’s counterproductive. But give Swagbucks a try. Earning bucks for just searching the web is awesome.

iPhone App Of The Month — September

A fun photo-enhancing app, WowFx is a chart-topper for anyone who enjoys adding effects to their photography. WowFx is easy to use, and contains over 120 effects and filters. Along with basic features, it contains advanced editing such as controlling opacity, and applying multiple effects with layers. Oh, and did I mention no pesky ads or in-app purchases? For only $0.99, the app is a steal. Or try the free version instead. The bottom line is: it’s an amazing app that does incredible things.

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